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Fabula, balance and emotion By Rastelli as Designers

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Much has already been said about FabulaRastelli’s latest project, as a kitchen that could tell stories and lifestyles. It is in fact a model, available in different but always customizable versions, able to meet any taste and suit any kind of environment, between contemporary lines, traditional echoes, eastern inspirations, till getting a neo-colonial-styled offer, typical of many american houses.

This version of Fabula looks like a mix between classical and modern elements, both in terms of design and material selection: wooden framed doors with a familiar flavour meet the oak dust warm tones and the matt lacquered siliceous grey, while the geometric and rigorous…

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Name Fabula
Designer Rastelli
Type Kitchen elements
Manufactured In 2020

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By: Dev Kim on 21-Feb-2020
Fabula, Rastelli’s latest project
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