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Emilea By Swarovski Lighting as Manufacturers

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The Swarovski brand is well known for its cutting-edge design language that combines crystal and light to produce imaginative light forms, transforming architectural spaces into iconic landmarks of sparkling wonder. New Delhi-based Sacmeh International unveils in India, Emilea—a striking light from Swarovski Lighting.

The Emilea chandelier offers a look that combines the best of both worlds. Emilea has a classic, cast arm structure interspersed with crystal accents for a modern and sleek look, and is a subtly elegant design perfect for today’s interiors.  This one-of-kindlight sets the mood and enhances the ambiance of any…

Product Details
Name Emilea
Type Pendants
Manufactured In 2021
Tags Lighting, Pendants, Chandeliers

Name of Suppliers

Sacmeh International Supplier in India

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