EarthOutdoor Indoor Medium Rug

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EarthOutdoor Indoor Medium Rug By iota project as Architects

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The classic crochet granny square takes a contemporary twist in this outdoor rug. Large squares form the rug, framed with bespoke webbing. Handmade from UV protected bespoke iota yarn in earth tones, the textile is soft, yet durable and suitable for interior and exterior spaces. This collection pairs thick and artful crochet with smart, high level tailoring.

The indoor- outdoor collection began with a fleeting thought about the way we hold on to things. Literally. Its objects want to be moved, lifted, dragged, between the indoors and the great outdoors. It is made…

Product Details
Name EarthOutdoor Indoor Medium Rug
Designer iota
Type Rugs
Manufactured In 2020

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