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EIFFEL 2050 By CODINA as Manufacturers

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EIFFEL 2050 architectural mesh model is an excellent solution in case an increase of privacy behind the mesh is required. The higher opacity of this design allows to reduce the light passing through the mesh so that to achieve a higher reflection effect. Codina Architectural produces multiple materials finishes and color shades for this model, allowing the model to suit any project requirement.

A combination between the softness and the warmth of the velvety facing as a handle in contrast to the millimeter precision and coldness of the Codina architectural metal mesh sheet that covers it…

Product Details
Name EIFFEL 2050
Designer CODINA
Type Steel lattice structures, Facade Cladding, Steel
Manufactured In 2018
Tags Facade cladding, Partitions, Façade, cladding, Steel, Architectural mesh, Metal mesh sheet

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