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Diathonite Acoustix+ By DIASEN as Manufacturers

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Diathonite Acoustix+ is a premixed plaster which can be spray-applied over multiple types of structures and shapes, such as vaults, rounded walls, ceilings, façades, stones, bricks, concrete, and many more: it ensures a high level of acoustic absorption and thanks to its properties, Diathonite Acoustix+ is the best solution for renovating old buildings such as schools, hotels, restaurants, churches, museums, libraries or any kind of noisy infrastructure, such as train and metro stations, cruise terminals and airports.

The living comfort is always more important these days, for this reason Diathonite Acoustix+ is not only an excellent acoustic material,…

Product Details
Name Diathonite Acoustix+
Type Plaster, Roof Insulation, Floor insulation
Manufactured In 2020
Tags Acoustic insulation, Acoustic absorption, Plasters

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