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Cover Concrete By Ritmonio as Manufacturers

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ritmonio_oceano-+-canyon-+-sahara-1508178073.jpg Photographer:

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Ritmonio: “The world’s colors”, inspired by natural sceneries, conquer the shower environment.
Besides the handles, also the cover in concrete in the 8 “world’s colors”: Tramonto, Canyon, Oceano, Vulcano, Artide, Tundra, Amazzonia, Sahara get in the shower zone, enriching the possibility of choice of the user and the customization of the bathroom environment.

The color of the lava stone Vulcano or the magic of Oceano? The shades of the Canyon rock or the purity of Artide? Playing with the different combination, having fun with the colors and creating a perfect match between the shower and the handles will be…

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Name Cover Concrete
Designer Ritmonio
Type Ceilings
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