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Coral By David Trubridge as Manufacturers

coral-600-al-black-shadows-1522221548.jpg Photographer: Jeff Brass

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600-coral-natural-1522221554.jpg Photographer: Jeff Brass

coral-shot-1-credits-studio-ar&d-architects-photo-by-michal-utterback-1522221554.jpg Photographer: Jeff Brass

Coral Pendant is based on one of the geometric polyhedra that have interested David since he was a boy. The intricate form is made from just one single component repeated 60 times. Originally designed purely as an experiment, it only became a light later when David tried to find a use for it by putting a bulb inside. The plywood finish can be all natural or painted creating a wide range of colour options. Coral was David’s first lighting design which now is considered to be a design classic.

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Name Coral
Designer David Trubridge
Type Indoor lighting
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