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Chic Folding Chair By KUNDESIGN as Manufacturers

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The birth of Chic Folding Chair is a tribute to the classic ‘Director’s Chair’ in the 20th century. Its design inspiration can be traced back to the ancient Roman period. Through modern technology, Chic Folding Chair has simplified and optimized the structure of the chair to the utmost extent. Each component is casted with fine details. Its sturdy chair body is composed of metal frame and hand-made three-dimensional sewing fabric, with the built-in quick-drying sponge on the back and seat surface, providing both aesthetic feeling and comfort. In addition, the color scheme of clay, jasper green, and the specially added…

Product Details
Name Chic Folding Chair
Designer Kun Qi
Type Armchairs
Manufactured In 2021
Tags Chairs, Furniture, Bespoke furniture, Folding Chair, Outdoor Chair

Name of Suppliers

DOMO Supplier Australia
Out Design Group Supplier U.S.A.

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