Cement - Sicano Ecru - 20 x 23 cm | Side 11.5 cm

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Cement - Sicano Ecru - 20 x 23 cm | Side 11.5 cm By Fangorosa as Manufacturers

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Cement is alive, and fights for us. It shouts ?Freedom!?? and fights for equality among classes, against the aristocracy of majolica and Venetian floors. Cement is for the people.It is part of the Italian industrial tradition, because it was born during the industrial revolution and immediately established itself as one of the most resistant and economical materials for flooring.For these reasons, the timeless beauty of cement tiles made history between 1800 and 1900, and has returned in all its glory in recent years, in the midst of the retro revival we are living in now. But we…

Product Details
Name Cement - Sicano Ecru - 20 x 23 cm | Side 11.5 cm
Designer Fangorosa studio
Type Tiles, Flexible tiles, Mosaic tiles
Manufactured In 2020
Tags Surfaces, Handmade Tiles, Made in Italy

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