Caldeira MIRRORS

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Caldeira MIRRORS By Xavier Lust Design Studio as Designers

160121386645792.jpg Photographer: Xavier Lust

160121387141512.jpg Photographer: Xavier Lust

The original mirror, the first one, was the still water of a lake. The caldera or crater lake is a vast area that forms at the heart of some volcanoes after an eruption, many of which slowly fills with water. They inspired this collection of mirrors with turbulent whirling edges.

Produced at extremely high temperature, melting glass takes shape just as a mass of lava running down a volcano and covering its reliefs. Over time, nature sets this chaos and a plane of freshwater replaces the overwhelming energy of lava. The Caldeira - in French - sends us back…

Product Details
Name Caldeira MIRRORS
Designer Xavier Lust
Type Bathroom mirrors
Manufactured In 2013

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