Blimp pendant light – large / medium / small

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Blimp pendant light – large / medium / small By Bomma as Manufacturers

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The unbearable lightness of glass.
This stunning and massive crystal cloud floats in space with the lightness of a zeppelin. Blimp is the largest lighting piece our master glassmakers are capable of creating by hand. Blowing into a metal form produces a graceful giant that is a testimony to human ingenuity and top-level craftsmanship. Although this creation is a dominant element in any interior, the clear version feels both light and airy. Its honey-golden version then fills the interior with a pleasant ambient light. The Blimp Collection is the result of BOMMA’s first international collaboration with a team of…

Product Details
Name Blimp pendant light – large / medium / small
Designer Big-Game Studio
Type Pendants
Manufactured In 2019
Tags Lighting, Pendants, Pendant Light, Pendant lamp

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