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Billiemi Grey By Industria Lo Bianco Marmi e Granitisrl as Suppliers

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Grigio Billiemi is a dark grey with dark brown and light grey shades and black streaks fossilized sedimentary rock quarried in Italy. This stone is especially good for Exterior - Interior wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall cappi and other design projects. 

It also called Grigio di Billiemi, Pietra Builliemi, Grigio Sicilia, Pietra di Billiemi, Biliemi Grigio, Marmo Billiemi, Grigio Biliemi, Grigio Billiemi, Grigio Billiemi Limestone, Sicily Billiemi Marble, Marmi Grigio Billiemi, Grigio di Sicilia, Grigio Billiemi Marble. Grigio Billiemi can be processed into Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rockfaced, Sandblasted, Tumbled and so on.

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Product Details
Name Billiemi Grey
Designer Industria Lo Bianco Marmi e Granitisrl
Type Marble, Tiles, Natural Stone
Manufactured In 2021
Tags Marble, Marble tile, Tiles, Granite Slabs

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