Bijou Black side table

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OKHA's Bijou Black side table is available in a range of finishes that express this diversity of moods and character By OKHA as Designers

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“The table is composed of two surfaces using contrasting materials and irregularly positioned legs. The plan view of the table shows a curvaceously organic form, like that of a pebble, shaped by water over time, a form influenced and coerced by nature rather than machine or computer.”  -  Adam Court / OKHA

OKHA’s BIJOU (French for Jewel) captures and references the raw and the refined aspects of the gemstone, the BIJOU is available in a range of finishes and materials that express this diversity of moods and character, a shifting palette of…

Product Details
Name Bijou Black side table
Designer OKHA (Adam Court, OKHA Creative Director)
Type Side tables
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