Baffi Luminaire Series

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Baffi Luminaire Series By Levantin design as Manufacturers

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The Buffi series by the Ukrainian manufacturer of N&B Light luminaires is represented by lamp posts for 1, 2 lamps and chandeliers for 2, 3 lamps. It is developed in conjunction with Levantin design studio taking part in the French design week in Paris 2018.

The collection is inspired by the creation of organic life. The lamp is a laconic metal flask and glass ceiling, ending with elegant weaves of rods twisted into a spiral. It is a symbol of vitality, as well as a schematic image of the evolution of every living organism and the entire universe.

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Product Details
Name Baffi Luminaire Series
Designer Sergey Lvov
Type Pendants, Ceiling lamps
Manufactured In 2019
Tags Lighting, Lighting Solution, Pendants, Illumination

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