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BLEND-Closet By Ward Wijnant as Manufacturers

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BLEND is inspired by the thought that out of one and the same tree, the same wood, different kind of patterns and structures can be gained. BLEND is based on the idea to visualize the effect of different sawing techniques by emphasizing the woodgrains. By playing with the inlay work and grain directions, the wood shows a surprising new perspective.

Material:Pine wood with oil-base in midnight indigo
Product size:80 W x 40 D x 1800 H cm
        80 kg 
Shipping box:95 W x 55 D x 2000 H cm         

Product Details
Name BLEND-Closet
Designer Ward Wijnant
Type Laminates, Veneers, Facade Cladding
Manufactured In 2019
Tags Craftsmanship, Interieur design, Closet

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