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Aura and Astro, Cristalmood sinks designed by Marco Piva for Antoniolupi, that combines technology and tradition. By Studio Marco Piva as Architects

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Aura and Astro are bathroom freestanding sinks with a strong personality and a sculptural presence that define the hierarchy of the environment. Absolute totems that acquire further charm thanks to the possibility of backlighting the material, making it vibrant with light and reflections that spread throughout the space.


Cristalmood is an almost magical material” - says Marco Piva - “I wanted to interpret this material by charging it with emotions, I worked on the relationship between the pure geometry of the container and the soft internal shape of the basin”.

Product Details
Name Aura e Astro
Designer Marco Piva
Type Wash basins
Manufactured In 2020
Tags Bathroom Furniture, Freestanding sink, Washbasin, Washbasins and bathroom fixtures, Marco Piva, Antoniolupi, cristalmood

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Antoniolupi Manufacturers

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