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Airia Media Cabinet By Herman Miller as Manufacturers

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Material beauty meets functionality
The warmth of a walnut wood frame contrasts against the white aluminum desk surface and tapered legs. A slightly elevated secondary surface provides a place to keep books, objects, or refreshments. Cutouts for cords and cables free the surface of clutter from your charging devices, and slender drawers help to organize papers. The accompanying Airia Media Cabinet provides additional storage and display capability. Such features make Airia a timeless piece that supports contemporary needs. “We intend it to be a desk you’ll keep for the rest of your life—and give to your kids,” Hutton says.

Product Details
Name Airia Media Cabinet
Designer Observatory
Type China cabinets, Sideboards, Storage boxes
Manufactured In 2008
Tags Furniture, Bespoke furniture, Wood, Aluminium Work, Cabinet

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