3-D Solid Aluminium Facade

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3-D Solid Aluminium Facade By Meridian Architectural Systems Pvt. Ltd. as Manufacturers

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This is one of the most challenging bespoke Solid Aluminium Façade projects executed in India. The vision of Architect Neelesh Chopda (Onus Designs), for a commercial building was to emulate the facets of a precious stone using the Facade. The nearly 220 pieces with 90 unique prism types that constitute the façade were fabricated from Solid Aluminium using the best combination of Software and CNC Machine Tools. Many of the prisms have some inverted folds in their 5, 6 or 7 faces.

The very small number of repetitions required the pieces to be treated more like Art than industrial work.…

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Name 3-D Solid Aluminium Facade
Designer Meridian Architectural Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Type Stairs
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