Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019

 15-05-2019 to 30-10-2019

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APR presents Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019 (UDAD 2019). The awards are organized by APR- a leading body of architecture press in Global. We are also in partnership with The ARCHITIME RU, Zingy Homes, Archidust, HAW Magazine, ME Megazine, Arredativo Design Magazine, Building Indonesia Magazine, Interior World, Architecture Design Forum, Design Box, Intech and more – a Global media brand that covers all aspects of the modern creative industries.

After huge success Global Future Design Awards 2019, World Architecture & Design Awards 2019, Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2018, International Award for Sustainable Architecture Awards 2018.

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Event Details
Date 15-05-2019 to 30-10-2019
Event Type Award, Award, Competition
Website http://www.architecturepressrelease.com
E-mail award@architecturepressrelease.com
Location   , Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India


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