London Design Fair 2018 at the Old Truman Brewery

 20-09-2018 to 23-09-2018
  Old Truman Brewery, 26 Hanbury Street, London, E1 6QR, United Kingdom

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boudoir-mirror-by-tero-kuitunen-1536291195.jpg Photographer:

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london-design-fair_dutch-stuff_boris-de-beijer-1536291197.jpg Photographer:

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london-design-fair_swedish-design-pavilion_nina-johanna-christensen-1536291197.jpg Photographer:

london-design-fair_toru_babu-chair-1536291197.jpg Photographer:

mix_match_by-tero-kuitunen-1536291198.jpg Photographer:

notebook-cabinet-by-swedish-ninja-1536291198.jpg Photographer:

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A truly global affair, the London Design Fair 2018 will host a wealth of exhibitors from 36 countries. The largest international fair - taking place during the London Design Festival - prizes innovation, quality and diversity in design, and visitors can once more expect a first class show. With its highly curated elements and compelling editorial, the Fair’s expressed intention is to heighten the visitor’s experience. The Fair’s Material of the Year is plastic: hotly debated and very much a pressing concern, the emphasis is on finding new and better ways of using this contentious material.

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Event Details
Date 20-09-2018 to 23-09-2018
Venue Old Truman Brewery, 26 Hanbury Street, London, E1 6QR, United Kingdom
Event Type Trade Show
Phone +44 (0)20 7739 5561
Location   , London, City of, United Kingdom


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