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Not just pretty pictures in a magazine.
In essence, we believe architecture is a powerful immersive medium that has the capacity to influence our mental state and regulate our interactions with the world. Architecture forms the framework that carefully balances the ecosystem that operates at the scale of the city, the house, and the human being. We want to dig to the core of the human experience and offer spaces that positively affects our daily experience.

Large or small, affordable or lavish, each project has the capacity to be extraordinary.
Every project has a unique potential embedded within its particular context. We attempt to uncover that potential and maximize it. We decipher the desires and needs of the clients, decode building regulations, compute budgets and areas, scrutinize over sunlight, views, and movement. We translate and synthetize it all into shapes, sequences, materials, and persona.  Our delicate understanding of effective living spaces makes us strive for sensitive and balanced designs.

Be curious and eager, the possibilities are endless, the world is so large and astonishing.
We are specialists in creating built environments. We like to think outside the box and apply our skills to a wide array of projects, small and large. Over the years, we have created numerous houses, office spaces, restaurants, and museums. We have worked for Cistercian monks, for entrepreneurs launching innovative concepts, for funeral homes etc. We would like to imagine and build your future project. If you want something creative, unusual and fantastic, we’re in !

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