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Zuiver [adjective] means ‘Pure’ in Dutch.
Since our creation in 2011, Zuiver’s philosophy has always been: tomorrow’s design for today’s interior. We bring a one-stop interior collection with fresh, fashionable and contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories designed in the Netherlands. The Zuiver collection is sold in more than 80 countries across 3 different continents.

Award winning company
In 2015 Zuiver was awarded Best Enterprise of the Zaan region, a renowned and respected prize for businesses in our region. In 2016 Zuiver won the price for Best Enterprise of the whole of North Holland”.

In March 2017 our creative director Caroline van Velze is awarded Best Business Woman 2017 of the Zaan region! We are very proud of her, as this is a prestigious, local title.

Last year, Zuiver was nominated for the Gouden FD Gazellen award – the award for the fastest growing Dutch company.

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