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Roman Vrtiška and Vladimír Žák met while studying at VŠUP, where they started their collaboration. Together, they also completed an internship at the Alvar Aalto University in Helsinki, where their work was awarded several times. After graduating from the VŠUP in Prague, they became part of the emerging fresh generation of Czech designers characterized by a wide range of interests and a professional approach to work. Since then, he has been among sought-after and respected creators. They mainly focus on projects in the field of architecture, interiors and product design. Their clients are, for example: Adidas, Avast, Belda Factory, Brokis, Devoto, Egoé, Heineken, Independent Catamaran, Jitona, Javorina, Kooperativa, Moravské sklarny Květná, KKCG, Klier, Krušovice, Lasvit, Lugi, mmcité, Padok Investment, Pytloun hotels , RAVAK, Rim, Ruukki, Šalanda, Tereza Maxová, Teroforma, U1, USSPA,

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