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Danish design is about the enduring power of craft, style, sustainability and honest materials. For half a century, Vola has epitomised this approach, making taps, showers and accessories that combine simple, elegant shapes with innovation in form and function.

Vola has been involved in some of the world’s best-known contemporary buildings since 1968, when Vola owner Verner Overgaard invited celebrated architect Arne Jacobsen to collaborate. The result was the birth of the iconic Vola 111 shape, the company’s first product, designed for the National Bank of Denmark. It attracted immediate international acclaim, combining simple circular and linear forms with revolutionary plumbing hidden in its walls – Vola had, in fact, created the first fully integrated, single lever mixer tap. By setting this benchmark for minimal contemporary design and high standards of process and manufacturing, Vola is often imitated but never matched.

Today Vola products are internationally recognised as true design icons. For five decades, expert knowledge and specialist skills have come together to create and innovate. The company places such emphasis on craftsmanship and longevity that some of its earliest products are still fully operational today. Vola is both the original modern tap designer and a multi award-winning brand that brought contemporary Danish design to the home.

Only unique craftsmanship can create a timeless finish
VOLA taps and accessories have been produced in Denmark for more than 50 years. From our earliest days, we have recognised the importance of craftsmanship and the role of hand-made processes in creating our products. Every product that emerges from our factory is finished to an exceptional level of detail. And our directional hand-brushing is the epitome of this unique approach.

Brushed Stainless Steel
A surface that is as timeless as it is enduring. Architects and designers are drawn to a textured finish for its timeless aesthetic. It fits with any style of architecture. Brushed Stainless steel in particular is also popular for high traffic schemes where durability and hygiene are of great importance. The brushed surface also helps its high corrosion resistance, making it last a lifetime.

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