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Like all things that have passed the test of endurance, reclaimed teak that has been toughened over decades is a strong, sustainable material for design. It is this teakwood, seasoned and strengthened over years of use - often in extreme conditions, that forms the foundation of Ahmedabad-based Tectona Grandis Furniture. The firm takes its name from the scientific name for teak, and creates furniture that weaves contemporary designs into the time-tested material. Tectona Grandis Studio is the expression of Dhruvkant Amin’s passion for originality and love for crafting something strikingly singular.

At his experience center one can see that the furniture designed by him has a character of its own, stands boldly in perfect harmony with its ambience, and reflects the quality work of his experienced team, which gets amplified with furniture placed in it. Dhruvkant Amin aspires to design a piece that stays unique forever. Such a piece creates memories and becomes the most treasured family heirloom.

Tectona Grandis is a reflection of his passion, creating 100% teak wood furniture and products to ensure a strong yet classy finish to his product. His products are environment friendly as they are made out of reclaimed wood. The coating used for the finishing of his furniture is also environment friendly. His in- house design and manufacturing allows him to offer customized solution to the specific requirements of his clients.

With the belief towards conservation of environment, Tectona Grandis has specialized in making furniture out of RECLAIMED Teak Wood, with a concept of giving handcrafted sustainable design. The contemporary designs redefine the functionality of teak wood furniture, making furniture that ensures total comfort and flexibility than ever before.

Journey :

Dhruvkant’s journey as a Designer started way back in 2001. After completing furniture designing from NID, Ahmedabad he began his professional experience with Jindal Stainless, Delhi. He was awarded “Usha Lexus, 2004” for his “Swan Rocking Chair” and “Lunar Chair” got him the prestigious “ELLE Decore”, best furniture design in year 2005”.

His love for timber drew him closer to creating wooden furniture and helped him fulfill his dream and transform his creativity and passion into reality by introducing his furniture brand Tectona Grandis Furniture in 2014.

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