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Studio Bipolar  

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Studio Bipolar was founded by architects Ujjwal Sagar and Sanjana Mathur, as a design consultancy committed to spirited design, integrity of construction, and efficient project management. Both partners graduated from Sushant School of Art and Architecture in Delhi-NCR in 2015. SSAA has established itself as one of the top three architectural institutes in the Indian subcontinent (as per the EUMD India List of Top Architectural Institutes in India by the British Council). We have a growing team of young designers and architects to help execute our vision.

Excellent Work
Together, we have designed and managed a full spectrum of project types, including residential, commercial, hospitality and institutional spaces . Since starting our own practice, ou work has concentrated on carefully designed custom homes, sophisticated restaurants, quirky stores and custom graphic design and illustration for a variety of clients. 

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