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Sovet Italia  

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Sovet is an Italian design company that combines handicraft culture and creative elegance to create unique furniture for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Sovet blends the tradition of Italian glass art and the inspirations of contemporary design, to create pieces of furniture that speak an original, elegant and versatile language. A story that communicates emotions and welfare, through the quality of the materials and the manufacture, the versatility of the project, the sustainability of the production process. Continuing in time, characterizing the most different spaces, creating unexpected contrasts and reassuring harmonies in everyday life.

Sovet was born at the end of the ‘80s to explore the expression possibilities of glass in the contemporary furnishing. Since the beginning of the years 2000 it starts the collaboration with important international designers and introduces other materials alongside glass, widening its perspective under the sign of creativity and continuous evolution. From “New shapes for glass” to “New shapes for design”, in the last 30 years the company has undergone a constant growth, transforming itself from a company identified with glass to an internationally successful 360-degree design company, with new solutions both for home and contract environment which combine minimalism and an accurate materials selection.

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