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Ritmonio, living a quality experience
Ritmonio is a company based on excellence. Founded in 1947, Ritmonio has maintained its original objective to offer customers superior-quality products as well as exceptional consulting and design service.

The company has two distinct divisions: the Factory Division, which manufactures safety valves and industrial components, and the Bath & Shower Division, which produces sophisticated taps and fittings for exclusive settings.

Well-established and deeply rooted in the region, the company is continuously expanding. Ritmonio has approximately 150 employees and covers a total area of 40,000 m2, with 20,000 m2 of production space.

At Ritmonio, “Made in Italy” is more than a mere slogan, it is a measure of non-negotiable quality that has made the company an international leader in quality and design. Every component in the production process is designed, engineered and manufactured at our headquarters in Italy. Thanks to a painstaking passion for detail combined with the most advanced technology, each product is unique and exclusive. 

Highly-skilled staff and prompt professional service make Ritmonio a reliable and experienced partner that stands apart on the market as a preferred provider, offering integrated solutions that fully satisfy the professional needs.

A continuous process of development and implementation has enabled Ritmonio to maintain, since 1995, ISO 9001 quality certification for design and production, as well as environmental (ISO 14001) and safety (OHSAS 18001) certifications. 

Factory Division
With more than 60 years of experience, the core business of Ritmonio Factory Division is the manufacture of a variety of safety valves for electric water heaters that can be customized to meet highly specific needs.

Ritmonio also produces brass, copper, aluminium and stainless steel components for the heating and air conditioning, automotive, coffee machine, appliance and sanitary-ware sectors. The use of cutting-edge technology and strict quality control in all production processes ensure products and solutions to be of the highest standard. 

Bath & Shower Division
Focusing on the production of taps and fittings for elegant bath, shower and kitchen rooms, the Ritmonio Bath & Shower Division offers a wide selection of products designed and produced for settings with a distinctive style. All design taps, showers and fittings share the same features – an exclusive style, impeccable quality and functionality. Through a continuous study of shapes, materials and technologies, the company designs products include a range of styles, offer elegance and comfort, and fit in both contract and residential…

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