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Always responsive to market inputs, interpreted with intuition and sensitivity, as it reaches forty years of age, Rifra has now achieved the benchmark for “personalized global quality”.

The Design is characterized by a linearity of shapes and colors, versatility of offers and a scrupulous cure of materials and finishes, which position Rifra at a high quality level, coherent to tastes and demand of an expert and demanding clientele.

Short story of a long journey

Rifra's history can be divided in a series of significant stages, witnessed in a period of seventy years of activity. The starting point can be represented with Giovanni Rivolta who, in the 30's, in the industrious Milanese province, starts a small carpentry shop.

Giovanni Rivolta starts his own carpentry business

The end of the second world war; circa two years later, Giovanni, with his brother Emilio, founds the Fratelli Rivolta Company.

Since 1950, Giuseppe Rivolta, first of six Giovanni's children, starts working, following his father's steps.

Giovanni was obliged to retreat due to serious health problems and the company changes its name in Rivolta Emilio and grandchildrens SDF.

The production saw small carpentry factures and complete furniture, designed for firms which needed a high quality and accurate execution of the products.

In 1970, RI-FRA (Rivolta Fratelli) was born. In 1977 the headquarters were moved to Gerno di Lesmo (Milan). The acitivity concentrates on the production of shoe racks and in small bath furniture. The production, still in third parties, expands to real and concrete furniture compositions, with different types of Built-in washbasins, wall mirrors and systems of cabinets.

Rifra transforms itself in a self-standing company, which projects, realizes and sells high quality bath furniture

It starts the production of other collections and the implants are boosted with modern linear UV painting, at a high quality.

The collection Gamma was born, characterized by sprayed finishes

Rifra begins his cooperating relationship with Tarciso Colzani and Castiglia Associati.

The UV painting implant is substituted by a last generation robotized implant.

Regent and Zenit, later joined by Fonte

Construction of a new warehouse and a new building for bureaus.

Development of collection Fonte as…

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