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Listone Giordano By Margaritelli  

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Margaritelli Group is today recognized as synonymous with wood culture in Italy and around the world. A success built on technological innovation, however, which has its roots in the past: Eugenio Margaritelli founded his business in 1870, specializing in the production of mechanical tools for agriculture and forestry work. Since 1904 the company has linked its entire history to this unique and precious material. 

To do so, it first had to know it thoroughly, respecting it and ensuring its prosperity. Starting from the famous forests of Burgundy where Margaritelli learned the secrets of a millenary silviculture made of expertise, wisdom and respect for nature. From these same values it has derived its mission. An enterprise design constantly oriented toward perfection that has always favored the search for original solutions and the exploration of the roads less traveled.

This is why the Group's various divisions-which apply wood technology in sectors ranging from flooring to outdoor products, road and noise barriers, and railroad sleepers-although they operate in very different countries and markets, base their work on common values strongly shared by all Margaritelli men. This is why the technology that underpins all Margaritelli products is generated and guarded within the Group's companies themselves.

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