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FLEXOFRM SpA is an Italian company with its head office in Meda, Italy, at the centre of the furniture production district of La Brianza. Made in Italy quality brand in the world of interior design , founded in 1959 by the Galimberti brothers, the company designs, produces and markets furniture and furnishing accessories for residential and public use.

When a company like FLEXFORM reaches the point of having a catalogue containing products recognized as timeless classics in the world of high-end furnishings, it is time to take a moment to think about the commitment and dedication with which a solid, experienced family management, at the helm of the firm for over fifty years, has pursued corporate policies oriented more towards reform than revolution, steering clear of excess and never straying from a path of certainties and careful reflection. FLEXFORM is an Italian industrial company that relies on deeply rooted expertise in the production of finely crafted sofas and furnishings, with an innate focus on design culture, a past of outstanding collaborations with the best designers and creative talents, a capillary, efficient international commercial and distribution network, and major investments in the areas of communication, research and innovation. The company’s identity and success are based on a system of shared values that form the true core of the corporate project: Made in Italy, Timeless Elegance, Comfort, Quality, Coherent Design, Contemporary Character, Beauty, Durability. This is the strategic map that has brought Flexform to its position, recognized all over the world, as one of the historic brands of Made in Italy of the highest quality in the field of furnishings.

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