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Delo is a Russian design brand from Saint Petersburg. We specialize in furniture, household items and architecture.

Our main concept is not to separate design from production, so that all Delo projects of various scales could embody our vision of high quality, functional and contemporary design. We release about 100 models of furniture, household items and serially-manufactured frame houses. In addition, we implement individual architectural projects as well as private and public interiors.

We own a manufacture and cooperate with a network of partners engaged in producing or processing certain elements for our pieces. What we value in design is pure rationality.

That's why we improve technologies, optimize the process of production and use materials responsibly. The latter are of high quality and sustainability. Apart from that, most of our industrial waste is sent for recycling.

Relying on the world experience and the heritage of the Soviet Avant-Gardists, we form our own approach to design. Our connection to contemporary culture is expressed through the ironic naming of objects.

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