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Decon Lighting  

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The origin of the company was a small unit established in October 1969, in the garage of the entrepreneur Livinder Singh on his return from Europe after completing his Engineering from the University of Glasgow & Strathclyde and obtaining rich work experience in project management, engineering design and architecture. 

Decon's first product was a low voltage system for product spot lighting and illumination was indigenously designed and patented. This fixture was a commercial success and earned accolades from many clients. 

This success resulted in appointment of Livinder Singh as a director of the newly formed Rotaflex India by the parent company Rotaflex Lighting (subsequently Concord Lighting, UK). 

Decon Lighting was established in Delhi in 1972. The first Asian trade fair in October 1972 launched the company as a serious participant in this nascent field dominated by giant multinationals.

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