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CUN Design  

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CUN Design founded in 2010, which is a diversified and professional team made up by new power young designers.Our design works are from center meters to kilo meters, which cross from space, vision to the product. Advocate the integration of architecture and interior space design. There is no boundaries of the design, the world is also a multidimensional existence,  design doesn't just exist in categories. With the philosophy ‘Creation initiate with no boundaries, design crossover different industries’, logic technology expression and the emotion of beauty have been performed sufficiently.

CUN Design focus on boutique hotel, creative office, real estate, sample room. We don’t limited to one specification, we live for the sake of design.

Founder of CUN-Design
Post-80s representative of space design
Senior interior architect
Executive advisor of Chinese Design Elites of 2016
Member of The Art Display & Decoration Committee of China of CBDA
Guest judge of Nest Award
Outstanding young and middle-aged designer of China by Building Decoration Association

Being a post-80s I think that I carry all symbols of this age - rebellious, special and stubborn. Yet sometimes I also feel out of tune with these characters. There is another rigorous, meticulous and tangled me. I am a crazy X-sports fan who loves skiing, skydiving, auto racing and Harley transformation, while on the other side I am a builder of fine and creative living who has fun in  interior design, clothing and furniture design and art deco. I am a paradoxical creative - I do design seriously and freely, and live naughtily and happily. I will not be the slave to traditional design, and I am not the follower of mass aesthetic trend, I will not stop on my way of finding myself.

- 2015-2016 Champion of Chinese Design Elites 
- 2015 Emerging Designer of the Year of Jintang Prize 
- Outstanding Young & Middle-aged Designer of CBDA
- New Work Award of Excellent Designers of Beijing Architecture and Decoration

- Creative Interior Design of Rosemoo Office in Beijing
- Office design for Blue Moon Films
- Store Design for JUMEI.COM in Changzhi City in Shanxi 
- Moyu Princess Mansion in Fragrant Hills in Beijing
- Dinning Space design for Beijing Jason - Delicacy Without Boundaries
- Fengshan Spa Club in Jinyu in Beijing
- Nanjing Yihe Club

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