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BLVD was jointly established by Mr. Du Yun and Ms. Liu Honglei in 2001. ‘To start with simplification; to end with perfection’ conveys their shared pursuit of ‘perfectionism and harmony’. Over the past 16 years since establishment, BLVD has created a series of excellent works that perfectly combine scene, emotion and artistic conception. BLVD re-interprets the beauty of ‘artistic conception’ that is highly praised in oriental aesthetics through internationalized and modernized language and further brings infinite imagination for visitors through the dialogue between nature, space and man. Embracing intelligent creativity and precise academic spirits, BLVD has become a trinity of architecture, landscape and interior design. BLVD does not only show excellence in hotel and office design, but is also acknowledged as the best expert in Chinese waterfront design industry. In 2016, as a high-end brand of Chinese environmental design, BLVD successfully attracted Tus-Design Group Co., Ltd (300500) to buy its stocks. BLVD and Tus-Design Group integrate resources in various fields aiming at establishing a high-end integral service system capable of providing complete service of construction design as well as construction technology with cultural creative ideas as the core.

As the creative director and one of the most influential interior designers in China, Mrs. Liu Honglei is very famous for her aesthetic perception of “one’s thought corresponding with the space conception”. Meanwhile, she is proficient in blending the artistic conception “harmony between man and nature” into modern life. Mr. Du Yun is the vanguard who practiced the perception of “integration of architecture and landscape” and pioneered the team system of architecture, landscape and interior designers closely working together. The aim of doing this is to achieve the artistic conception of the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Both Honglei and Yun graduated from Tqinghua University and gained substantial practical experience during working in Canada. Their brilliance, coming together and working hand by hand paved a solid foundation for BLVD’s distinctive design ability and also contributed a lot in injecting the aspiration for harmony and perfectionism into the blood of the company.

The constant pursuit of perfectionism and harmony enabled BLVD design team to grow up as a group of people who can always learn from and cooperate with each other. Thanks to the free, open and internationalized working environment, the approximately 200 BLVD staff including local designers as well as those from foreign countries can talk freely with each other about…

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