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Ukrainian project company AVG Project Group – a complex organization that works on architectural and construction market since 2002. From a small creative design studio company has grown into a major player in its direction. Today AVG Project Group deservedly won a leading position in the provision of services in design, architecture and design in Ukraine.

Currently the company employs about 50 specialized professionals: architects, designers, managers, concentrated in one area to create a perfect object. The company provides a comprehensive solution for all relevant construction levels. To date, the company’s order book over 10 major urgent orders for the complex design of residential and commercial properties. 

For projects AVG Project Group was built and successfully put into operation more than 100 residential and commercial real estate and mixed-use complexes, both in Ukraine and abroad. During the operation, the company has gained a reputation as a reliable partner in all areas related to the construction industry, has become a full-fledged general designer of large residential and commercial properties, providing a full range of services to its customers, from the first sketch to the commissioning.

The three main areas in which the company operates:
Architectural design (private property for public use and facilities);
Design of public interiors (business centers, shopping and entertainment centers, restaurants, hotels, offices);
The design of private interiors (houses, apartments, private residences).

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