Mini Hill—Lily Nails Salon (Fulllink Store)

Mini Hill—Lily Nails Salon (Fulllink Store)
By ARCHSTUDIO as Designers

The nails salon is designed to achieve a kind of natural sense in artificial environment, and to attract customers by creating an amusing experience of being in the hill. The rectangular space of 60m2 is embedded a hill that is gradually rising from outside to inside. The hill is divided into 7 caves of varying sizes, emerging or hiding according to customers’ behavior and sight. The caves,separate from yet interconnected with each other, form manicure and beauty areas of different scales. Manicure area is grouped by 2 or 3 seats, while beauty area is relatively closed to ensure privacy. The…Read More

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Project details
Location Beijing, China
Program Type Shop, Showroom
Year Build completed in the year 2017
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