Zhongshu Bookstore in Suzhou

Metal Rainbow
By Wutopia Lab as Architects

The new bookstore is divided into four main zones and several subdivided zones. Aiming to create a colorful new world by using symbolism, the architect gave a unique character to each zone: The Sanctuary of Crystal for new arrivals; The Cave of Fireflies for recommendations; The Xanadu of Rainbows for reading room; The Castle of Innocence for children books

Design Firm: Wutopia Lab
Chief Architect: YU Ting
Co-Architect: Shuojiong ZHANG (ArchiUnits)
Lighting Design: Gradient Lighting
Location: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China
Area: 1380 ㎡
Project Year: 2016-2017
Material: perforated aluminum, stainless…Read More

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Project details
Location Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Program Type Library
Year Build completed in the year 2013
Involve Companies
Designers Wutopia Lab

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