Rabobank Unplugged

Rabobank Unplugged
By NEXT Architects as Interior designers

The office interior for the Rabobank Nederland headquarters is the result of a co-creation by NEXT architects, Emma architecten, Richard Hutten, Ineke hans, Pentagram with and under supervision of Sander Architecten.

As the office interior is being redefined by the introduction of new methods of working, interior architecture is facing new challenges. In today’s work environment, the emphasis is on cooperation in teams and group dynamics; people go to the office for the social aspect more than anything else. To realize this ambition, the building is seen as a modern city. After all, the city is where individual freedom and…Read More

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Project details
Location Utrecht, Netherlands
Program Type Office
Year Build completed in the year 2011
Involve Companies
Architects NEXT Architects

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