Pure House Boutique Hotel

Pure House Boutique Hotel
By Chongqing Yueji Architectural Design Office as Architects

In recent years, Dali has become the best architectural practice site for designers to express themselves due to its generous temperament, its unique geographical environment provides designers with a brand new way of thinking. Born here is the happiness of locals, staying here is the desire of outsiders.

Pure House Boutique Hotel is located in the hillside of Cangshan international golf community, back to the main peak - Xilu, facing to the Erhai Lake and the beautiful idyllic scenery with a broad vision. Terrain elevation difference between the north and south, east and west of the location is huge. Cangshan…Read More

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Project details
Location Anhui, China
Program Type Hotel
Year Build completed in the year 2017
Involve Companies
Architects Chongqing Yueji Architectural Design Office

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