Looping Towers

Looping Towers

By Peter Pichler Architecture as Architects

Peter Pichler Architecture won an international invited competition for the design of a new residential tower complex of 35.000m² in Maarssen, Netherlands. 
The new complex consists of approx. 260 apartments, parking garages, public facilities, gym and a running track on the roof. It is located on a main axis between Amsterdam and Utrecht and should act as a social “engine” in the area, which will undergo some major developments within the next years.

PPA´s proposal for two looping towers are the result of an optimized geometry based on views and sunlight. Starting point were massing studies of…

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Project details
Location Maarssen, Utrecht, Netherlands
Program Type Apartment
Year Proposed in the year 2020
Involve Companies
Architects Peter Pichler Architecture
Engineers Arup
Manufacturers Visualarch
Developers Winter Trust BV

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