LSR113 (Lake Side Residence No.113)

LSR113 (Lake Side Residence No.113)
By Ayutt and Associates design as Architects

Concept Design
“We are not saying that this house is 100 percent Thai, But at least it’s an attempt”

LSR113 is located on Bangna - Trat road, Bangkok, Thailand, on the lakefront plot of private gated community known as “Lakeside Residence”. The house is fabricated as one-family house which gave an adaptability to be ventured into multi-family for what’s to come. The briefs that Ayutt and Associates design (AAd) received from the client was for functional and useful spaces like any ordinary house. However what the client loved were the shape of square and modern style, yet they asked…Read More

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Project details
Location Bangkok, Krung Thep, Thailand
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year
Involve Companies
Architects Ayutt and Associates design

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