Ko Shan Theatre New Wing

Ko Shan Theatre New Wing
By Ronald Lu & Partners as Architects

Ko Shan Theatre New Wing serves to promote and preserve the cultural heritage of Cantonese Opera in Hong Kong.  It is also designed to create additional public facilities within an existing public park with minimum impact on its environment, while enhancing the Theatre’s identity as Hong Kong’s hub for Cantonese opera.  The New Wing consists of a 600-seat auditorium, an exhibition gallery, rehearsal rooms, a tea house and other ancillary facilities.

Architect: Ronald Lu & Partners
Location: Hong Kong 
Site area: 4,000 sq. m.
GFA: 10,550 sq. m.
Completion date: 2014

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Project details
Program Type Theater
Year Build completed in the year 2014
Involve Companies
Architects Ronald Lu & Partners

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