HOUSE 4/6, Paju House

HOUSE 4/6, Paju House Jin Seok Yang(Y GROUP)
By Y GROUP as Architects

The 4th house; compact yet maximized?; Paju House 
The family consists of a grandmother in her 80s who had a stroke on the way to the toilet outside and now is in the hospital, a father who is a non-regular worker and works till late every day, and a middle school adolescent daughter who is always left home alone and is the first subject of concern for the family. Thanks to Illegal extension works, the house has a ㅁ-shape, yet its building area is only about 13 pyeong.   

Though the area was only 13 pyeong, from the start,…Read More

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Project details
Location South Korea
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year
Involve Companies
Architects Y GROUP

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