Gemma Observatory

Gemma Observatory
By Anmahian Winton Architects as Architects

This private astronomical observatory is located on a remote mountain summit in central New Hampshire. The site is characterized by granite outcroppings and is situated at the center of a three-mile radius “dark” landscape with very little light pollution to obstruct astronomical viewing.

Gemma’s design rejects a traditional dome in favor of a synthesized architectural form that maximizes usable space and responds to the stark geographic context. Its continuously faceted shape reflects the surrounding landform, and terraced concrete platforms transition between the summit’s bedrock and the building foundation, knitting together natural and man-made landscapes. An unconventional pattern of lock-seamed zinc…Read More

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Project details
Location Cambridge, New York, United States
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year 2017
Involve Companies
Architects Anmahian Winton Architects

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