Gafarim House

Gafarim House - A Northern Monolith
By Tiago do Vale Architects as Architects

This is a project of tense duality between vernacular principles and a neoplastic understating of shape, place and landscape.

In a naturally fragmented and disconnected context, the Gafarim House offers monolithic, opaque volumes to the street, citing the compact, parallelepipedic masses of northern Portuguese popular architecture and adjusting its scale to the surroundings.

It appears with autonomy in its context -an independent object among independent objects- and, in its economy of shape and detailing, it distances itself from the post-rural decorativism that is the norm in today’s Portuguese countryside.

This exterior formal economy is contrasted with…Read More

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Project details
Location Ponte De Lima, Viana do Castelo, Portugal
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year 2018
Involve Companies
Architects Tiago do Vale Architects

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