Cultural Center of EU Space Technologies (KSEVT)

Cultural Center of EU Space Technologies (KSEVT)

By dekleva gregoric architects as Architects

Space Habitable Wheel 
The Cultural Center of European Space Technologies (KSEVT) will substantially supplement and emphasize the local cultural and social activities of the former Community Center in Vitanje, the town in Slovenia that was family home to Herman Potocnik Noordung, the first theoretician of space. The program includes additional cultural (exhibitions, events) and scientific activities (research, conferences) strongly connected to the phenomena of ‘culturalisation of the space’. The building features a series of interlocking rings that lie on top of each other to create a continuous ramped structure. The design integrates two buildings in one: a local community…

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Project details
Location Vitanje, Slovenia
Program Type Culture Centre, Office, Auditorium
Year Build completed in the year 2012
Involve Companies
Architects dekleva gregoric architects
Architects Bevk Perovic arhitekti
Architects OFIS Arhitekti
Architects SADAR + VUGA
Photographers Miran Kambic Photography

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