Atelier Kirkos

Atelier Kirkos

By Studio Ardete Pvt. Ltd. as Architects

Marked by a presence of strong sculptural elements, Atelier Kirkos, was visualized as an office space that would break stereotypes and defy conventionality. Introducing layers of monochromatic components, Kirkos uses parametric modeling to introduce dynamism to the spaces, bringing fluidity in the visual dimension.

Located in Punjab, India, the office was designed for Mr. Ravijeet, a reputed Civil Contractor. His experience in the field and will to experiment allowed him to partake in the execution of the project, which came in useful while designing for the atypical site. With a clear width of 38 feet, the site was a column…

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Project details
Location MOHALI, Punjab, India
Program Type Office
Year Build completed in the year 2016
Involve Companies
Architects Studio Ardete Pvt. Ltd.
Photographers Purnesh Dev Nikhanj Photography
Developers R.S. Builders and Developers
Consultants The Luminars

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