S305 : Bookshelf

An Open-ended Bookshelf
By Kastella as Manufacturers

Kastella, the Montreal-based manufacturer and distributor of premium hardwood furniture, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest bookshelf collection.

The S305 is constructed of solid wood frames and Fenix shelves, a highly resistant acrylic resin.  The asymmetrical design was inspired by skeleton construction, a building technique whereby vertical columns and horizontal beams are assembled and attached to form a frame.  In the design of the S305, individual frames are held together with Fenix panels. The shelves are notched to fit around the vertical wood components creating a fully integrated aesthetic.  The verticals of the S305 extend past the…

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Product Details
Name S305 : Bookshelf
Designer Kastella
Type Bookcases, Shelves
Manufactured In 2018

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