Isaro Pro

Isaro Pro
By Thorn Lighting as Manufacturers

Thorn launches Isaro Pro
Thorn’s new Isaro Pro is a robust and high-performance LED street lantern that looks great on any road – and it’s a truly futureproof solution.

Thorn Lighting is proud to announce the launch of Isaro Pro, a slim and sleek lantern that looks great and performs brilliantly. Made from top-quality die-cast aluminium, Isaro Pro is built to withstand the elements and cope with physical impact and vibration. With a lifetime of 100,000 hours (at 25°C), efficacy of up to 139lm/W and control options including RF wireless, Isaro Pro guarantees years of reliable performance at an…

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Product Details
Name Isaro Pro
Designer Thorn Lighting
Type Lamps, LED, Outdoor Lighting
Manufactured In 2018

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